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julienew5We are thrilled that you are visiting our website. In addition to exploring the many disciplines of performing and visual arts that we offer, we pray that you catch a glimpse of the heart of Arts in Action. Arts in Action is a 501 ( c ) (3) non-profit organization with a  dedicated staff and a highly-trained and a much-acclaimed faculty ready to serve you in four different arts education programs. Our faculty teaches with dedication, purpose and loving hearts with a focus on developing excellence in technique and artistic expression with Christian influence.

Arts in Action is a where you can discover your artistic gift, develop it to your highest potential, ignite your creative passion, create new possibilities, and artistically express yourself in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. With four campuses to serve you, and more than 40 classes a week in multiple disciplines (Put a link here to the schedule), there is a class for nearly everyone. Class offerings include group lessons in dance, visual arts, theater and martial arts, with private lessons in piano, voice, percussion and guitar. Children ages 2 – Adult are served at one of the following campuses: Hurricane (Home office) and “Urban Stage” on Charleston’s Westside.All programs culminate with an exciting year-end “Arts Celebration” featuring all students presenting original works of art.tiny_dancerAt Arts in Action we are passionate about making a significant impact in the lives of students and the community through arts education! Through documented research and personal experience, we know the numerous benefits awaiting those who study the arts.

Students who take four years of arts and music classes while in high school score 85 points better on their SATs than students who took only one-half year or less (scores of 1,063 vs. 978, respectively) and scored an average of 523 on the Writing portion of the test –52 points higher than students with only one-half year or less of arts/music classes.  Source:  The College Board, 2008.  2008 College-Bound Seniors: Total group Profile. That is significant!

Every child should have an opportunity to discover and study the arts and reap the numerous benefits regardless of economic restraints. That is why Arts in Action offers need-based financial aid at all Arts in Action campuses. Urban Stage, our “ArtsReach” program on Charleston’s west side, offers all classes free of charge and provide all needed attire, uniforms, equipment and costumes at no cost to the student. 125+ under-served children participate in the Urban Stage Program and over $150,000 in financial aid and reduced fees have been awarded for the 2013-2014 Season.

Urban Stage, an “ArtsReach” dance program for under-privileged and at-risk youth is located on the West side of Charleston. Students study ballet, tap and jazz/hip-hop in the nine month program which culminates with a year-end recital showcasing their newly formed talents.

Whether your student is studying the arts as a possible career path, to reap the numerous benefits, or for recreational fun, Arts in Action is here to meet your needs.

At present over 300 people come through the Arts in Action doors in Hurricane on a weekly basis, 70+ students participate at Urban Stage, and our creative art camps, offered every summer, become filled and even have a waiting list. To date Arts in Action has trained over 2000 students in the arts.

Arts in Action is a place where you can find loving professionals of excellence, enjoy a wonderful dance experience, make friends, build new relationships, and deeply enrich your life. We invite you to come join us.

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